TheraCHI™ Principles of Tai Chi Meditation and Therapeutic Qigong: Basics Workshop 9/14/19 2-5pm MiCity

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TheraCHI™ Principles of Tai Chi Meditation and Therapeutic Qigong
Basics – Tai Chi; Qigong; Principles of Movement, Breath, and Focus.
This workshop includes practicum, lecture, and Q&A.
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Saturday, 9/14/19, 2-5pm

The Nest Michigan City
803 Franklin St, Michigan City, Indiana 46360

Activating your self-healing capacity, you will experience relaxation techniques designed to restore and nurture a healthy balance of energy. With nothing to memorize, we simply slow down and follow along in class, standing (or sitting) tall, breathing deep, moving with purpose. Learn how to mindfully call upon slow flowing motions for just moments throughout your day to activate evidence-based health benefits, including pain and stress management.

Coordinating breath with movement is a powerful key to enhancing function, and accelerating recovery. As we practice active relaxation, we build resilience and nurture harmony. Tai Chi Meditation will leave you feeling calm and energized, peaceful and balanced, appreciating the experience of stillness.

With personal experience and/or group co-mentoring, you will gain the ability to create a simple personal therapeutic meditation practice, suitable as a gentle rehabilitation program. If you choose, be empowered to share your vitality practice with your loved ones or community, to disseminate health and relaxation.

*Bring your camera, selfie stick, tripod, a friend to hold your camera 😉 Between classes, you will be your own teacher. Once you register, (at, or FB Event Ticket Link), you will be invited to the PRIVATE GROUP, where we share our TheraCHI™ co-mentoring videos with each other!!!

The powerful but gentle moving meditations, Qigong and Tai Chi, are the health promotion components of Traditional Chinese Medicine - Asian Wellness for modern times.

In the new era of complementary and mind-body medicine, Tai Chi and Qigong are rapidly ascending to the status of wellness power tools.

The most profound medicine is produced within the human system — at absolutely no cost. Use and share these simple self-care methods to participate in the seeding of a new era in health care. Be a part of the Wellness Revolution!

Recommended Reading: The Healing Promise of Qi, and The Healer Within, both by Dr. Roger Jahnke.